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General Terms

  • I reserve the right to decline any commissions before payment occurs.

  • Prices are determined mainly by the duration and complexity of the song/commission.

  • I will be showcasing the commissions on social media as portfolio after they have been released to the public.

  • Please try to gather as many references as you need in order to be as clear as possible, as genre tags tend to be really broad. I will be then replying with other references that I come up with to make sure I understood the idea.


  • After contacting me, I will determine the final price of the commission and I will inform you of my availability at that moment, as well as an estimated finish date. In case you have a specific deadline or need a rushed/priority commission, please let me know. Mind that you will be charged extra.

  • If any information is required and the client is unable to respond in a timely manner, the commission may be delayed.

  • After finishing every step of the process (Tuning, Timing, Arranging, Mixing, etc), I will be providing MP3 demos for you to listen, check and give feedback.

  • Specific vocabulary is not needed to give feedback or ask questions. Sometimes describing something with your own words may work, so please don't be shy!

  • After I send you a finished mix, I need an extra day to check it with fresh ears and address any corrections if needed.


  • You must credit me in the video and description by writing my name (Tron544), and by linking to my Twitter Account and/or my Youtube Channel.

  • You are free to upload any covers monetized/unmonetized to Youtube.

  • If you are planning to distribute your song to streaming services, please contact me beforehand, as a fee or royalty split must be decided.


  • All prices will be in United States Dollars (USD).

  • Payments are done via Paypal. In case you do not have a Paypal account, the payment can be done via Ko-Fi.

  • All commissions must be paid upfront; or 50% before starting the commission, and 50% upon completion. This will be discussed with the client.

  • Refunds may be issued upon request, but are subject to the progress of the commission and the specific reason. In case I am not able to finish the commission due to unforeseen personal circumstances, a refund will be issued.

  • Failing to pay for the full commission price upon completion will result in being blacklisted from any future commissions, in addition to not receiving the final WAV files.

Let's Work Together!

Pricing & Inquiries

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