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Hello! I am Fernando Muñiz, an Argentinian musician by the name of Tron544. Since 2011, I have been running a Youtube Channel mainly focused on covering and teaching Japanese Rock & Pop songs featured in anime and videogames on guitar. With over +130.000 subscribers and +25 million views in total, my channel is established as one of the most influential anime guitar channels in the platform.

Since my teens, music has been a great passion! I remember countless days when I did nothing but play guitar or listen to music. When I graduated from school, I decided to study both music and sound recording/mixing at college. My jobs have always been music-related: my Youtube channel, playing live shows and teaching guitar lessons. But since the pandemic, everything changed and I started developing a huge passion for making music, more especifically producing cover/original songs and composing, and I feel like I cannot look back now!

My influences include J-Rock/Pop bands such as Houkago Tea Time, Frederic, Yui, Aimer, Nico Touches the Walls, Polkadot Stingray, One Ok Rock, Yorushika, Asca, LiSA, Garnidelia, Scandal, Kessoku Band, Bradio, Myth & Roid, Masayoshi Oishi, Roselia, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Jun Maeda, Zutomayo, Vivid Undress, Rookiez is Punk'd, Kenshi Yonezu, among many others!

I have recently opened my commission services to give musicians, singers or creators a way to express all of their feelings and tell their stories through music! Nothing better than that! So I hope we can work together sometime in the future! <3

Let's Work Together!

Pricing & Inquiries

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